Thursday, May 24, 2012

Long Day

So when we first got to Taiwan, the people at the airport checked our passports and visas. I got a 60 day visa but for some weird reason they stamped a 30 day visa in my passport. Today, for 3 hours, Todd and I were travelling around the city trying to get it fixed. We first went to the immigration office to get it changed. They said they didn't need to stamp my passport because it was just going to change in the computer. So we went back to the main office to tell them, and they told me I had to get a stamp or some sort of paper showing that I had a 60 day visa because I needed the proof so I could work. They then called the immigration office and told them that we needed the stamp/paper. We then took the train back to the immigration office and talked to the same desk and they kept telling us that they don't have any stamps or paper to give me. We went and called the head office and had them talk to the guy at the information desk. After 10 minutes of them talking on the phone, the guy finally came back with a piece of paper and stamp showing I had a 60 day visa. It was very frustrating.

Lunch at IKEA

Lack of privacy in a public bathroom

That guy was seriously standing there just scratching that tree

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Dr. David said...

That sucks for your brother, hopefully he gets that figured out. You should let those people know that you will stay here as long as you need to!!!