Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Now That Our Parents Know....

During the month of September Todd and I were working on a new video. On October 1st, Todd and I uploaded a video of Todd doing some freerunning. We posted it on YouTube just to show our friends and family, and thought it would only get maybe a few hundred views. The next day, our video views got into the thousands. The second day our video reached 8000 views. Into the third day our video was climbing by the ten thousands. Our video went over 100,000 views by the fourth day. By this time, numerous news reporters were emailing and calling people all over Taiwan like crazy trying to find Todd so they could do an interview. Both Todd and I were able to get interviewed by a TV station and then Todd also got another interview with a different TV station (video below). A few articles were even written about him online. We started getting emails from different people offering us to do future work with them.  PUMA also emailed Todd to meet with them on Friday. When Todd went to meet up with them, the reps told him that they love what he does and want to do a future ad campaign with him. They pretty much told Todd that he was sponsored and gave him a bunch of free clothing. Today, we were able to have a meeting with a lady that hires out the people to film events and she offered us the opportunity to be able to go around Taiwan and film different performing artists. She liked the way we put the video together and feels that our style of video will be a nice change from the way other film crews film and edit. This was our first video uploaded to our new channel and it has already opened numerous doors to future job opportunities. This week has been unreal for us.

Click here for an article written about Todd

Our video. 170,000+ views so far

Todd on the news

Our other interview on TV (video coming soon)

Giant shoes
PUMA hooked me up with some shoes as well

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Jasmine said...

Awesome! So...when you guys get you fame going and stuffz...can I, like, be your scheduler or somethaaang? Haha.