Sunday, November 11, 2012

More Media and Todd's Fat Foot

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Todd and I were interviewed this week by one of the reporters at NCCU (where we filmed our video). Her article was posted on the NCCU website yesterday. Click here for article

On Wednesday, we went to Ximending with some friends so they could train and I could film them. As Todd was practicing, he landed on his foot wrong and ended up spraining it. He wasn't doing anything big, he just had bad luck. He now has a nice fat foot.

This week, a kickboxing club at NCCU asked Todd to go to one of their classes and teach some of the basics of parkour. Even with his sprained foot, he still made it over there to teach them. There were quite a few people there.

I finally got back some of the footage from our TV interviews. I'll post the clips below. We weren't able to get the full interviews because the station could only give us so much of it.

My part

Todd part

Couple of pictures I put together of Todd

Todds foot
Teaching the kickboxing class

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