Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

 Merry Christmas from Taiwan!

and Grace
With the 60 degree weather and lack of decorations, it doesn't even feel like Christmas. This is the first Christmas that Todd and I haven't been home. I am so lucky because I get to go into work today. This is definitely not the best Christmas. 

Our Christmas wasn't too eventful. In the morning we opened our presents, and then later in the afternoon we went over to Costco to get some lunch and some food for a Christmas dinner. I was lucky because I had to go to work today...

Since there is a lack of Christmas here, and I had to teach, I thought I would bring Christmas with me to school. I asked all of my students if they got presents for Christmas and only 3 of them said they did. I prepared little gifts full of treats for my students because I feel bad that they don't get to enjoy this holiday. I made little presents full of fruit snacks, granola bars, Hello Kitty gum and chocolate marshmallow pies. Although Christmas wasn't as exciting this year, I was glad that I could bring Christmas to my students.

This is one of my classes that I gave the presents to.

We had to teach some of our students a Christmas song to perform for the secretaries, so below is a video of one of my classes singing.

Chicken and pasta.
Thank you Grace and Costco for this delicious dinner
Thank you mom and dad for the gifts and thank you grandma for the M&M's. We love and miss you guys!

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You preschool prowler!!