Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Project: Day 3

Today we got up early and left at 7:45am to Yilan to film. We went to a really famous restaurant, a boat harbor and the Lanyang museum. The chef that is in our video is the owner of the place and he made some delicious food. He actually makes his own soy sauce (picture below). He wouldn't stop cooking for us so we were there for a few hours. He cooked all sorts of food like fish, duck, lobster, soup and then some dessert. We left for home at 4pm and I had class at 5pm. We hurried as fast as we could and I ended up getting to my school 2 minutes before the bell rang. Today was a really great experience. Now here are a lot of pictures from today.

Such a cool chef

This is Shawn. She is in charge of this project and has been
helping us get where we need to be.

His own sauce

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