Sunday, January 6, 2013

Trike Drifting

I was watching videos on the internet and searched 'Taiwan' to see what would come up. I ended up seeing a video about trike drifting. In Chinese it is called 甩爆三輪車. Trike drifting is when you ride on a tricycle, or big wheel, and slide sideways while riding. I saw a video like this awhile ago and was excited to see that there was a group that did this in Taiwan. After finding them on Facebook, they all decided to get together at Sanxia 三峽 to ride down the mountain

I got up early and left to meet them. After a couple hours of traveling, we finally made it. A lot of people showed up to this. I was expecting a bunch of young kids, but they were all adults. They were very nice, and invited me back next time.

After, the guy that picked me up invited me over for dinner with his family. I agreed to go over, and it ended up being with everyone in his family. They were all so nice to me and the grandmother made great food. I Definitely miss that home cooked chinese food.

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