Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Week Vacation With The Parents

It's been awhile since I last posted. Our parents came to Taiwan last week Friday and we have been traveling most of the week so I have't had a lot of time to post pictures.

The first weekend they were here we went and visited family around Taipei and went out to dinner with everyone. We also got to go on the Maokong gondola. This has been here for awhile and we        

We left last Monday and drove down to 高雄 (Gaoxiong or Kaohsuing) to visit some friends and see some awesome wild monkeys.

We then went to 嘉義 (Jiayi or Chiayi) to visit family for a couple days. We were able to drive up into the mountains and look at the beautiful scenery. After 嘉義 we drove down to 墾丁 (Kending) which is in southern Taiwan. We drove around and visited the most southern part of Taiwan. We got to hangout at the beach and walk through the night market where we were able to eat fried Oreos for the first time.

After 墾丁 (Kending) we drove back up to 高雄 (Gaoxiong) to visit and have lunch with one of my mom's friends. After lunch we drove to Miaoli to meet Grace's family.

Here are a lot of pictures from last week. Prepare to scroll down for awhile.


阿里山 Alishan

Giraffe ride!

墾丁 Kendting


Beach at 墾丁

Our motel in 嘉義




Fried Oreos

View from the Maokong Gondola

Giant bowl goodness in 高雄


Wild monkeys in 高雄



The rock that looks like Richard Nizon

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