Sunday, June 23, 2013

Todd's Birthday Weekend

Todd's birthday was last Friday so we went and saw the new Superman movie in the morning and then got lunch at Chili's. I had to go to work, but after work we ate some cheesecake.

Yesterday, A bunch of people went up 陽明山 (Yangmingshan) to longboard down the hills. After work, Todd, Grace, her brother, our cousin Christine and I went to hangout and skate with everyone.

Today, we all went to an amusement park called 六福村 (liufucun). It was a pretty cool park. It was like Lagoon, but the rides weren't as intense. Their main attraction ride was under maintenance so that was disappointing. It was a really nice day to begin with, but around 2pm it started to rain a lot. After hanging around for a couple hours we decided to head home.

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