Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Biking, Juggling, Parkour, Fashion Show

My blog has been down for a week because my friend that was hosting this blog deleted his account. Not too much has happened this week. Last Wednesday we went out with our BMX friend to film in 中壢 (Zhongli), which is about an hour away from Taipei at one of the new skateparks. On Friday we had a meeting with a few people from 政大 (Zhengda), the university that is right by us. They are putting up new architecture around campus and asked us to film a parkour video for them. On Saturday we met up with a kid from 桃園 (Taoyuan) to film a juggling video with him. In 2 days we'll be filming a fashion show for Juicy Couture.

Our friend's girlfriend

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