Thursday, October 24, 2013

Adventures in Penghu

Last Sunday Todd, Grace and I went to Penghu for a few days. Penghu is an island just south of Taiwan. The plane ride was only 45 min. During this time of the year there aren't many tourists so it felt like we had the whole island to ourselves.

The first day we got there, we walked around the area where we were staying. The second day we got on a boat with some tourists and visited two other islands. It was really windy down there so we couldn't visit one of the other islands. Our first stop we were able to rent scooters and ride around. Because of the weather, the trip was cut short so we had to go back. When we got back we went and rented a couple scooters and cruised around. There is a beach where the tide goes down during sunset so you can walk across through ocean to another island. The third day we got on our scooters and drove to the other side of the island. We went to an aquarium, then drove across the Great Bridge and checked out some of the scenic spots. It was definitely a fun trip, and the scooters made it even better.

Great Bridge 
Taipei from the plane

Cactus ice cream

Stores inside the boat
Great Bridge


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