Friday, November 8, 2013

Filming with Universal Music and 六和高中

This past week we have been pretty busy. We finally finished the teaser music video for our friend Dawen who is releasing his first album in Taiwan next month. He started filming his actual music video this week. He asked Todd and one of our friends to go and do a couple flips in the video and also be the piano movers.

A guy we worked with a couple months ago contacted us to go help film a video for a high school (六和高中). It's like an introduction video showing off their school and classes. Todd isn't able to help film because of work so I have just been going. It's a four day shoot and we have only done one day. We spent the whole day (9am-5pm) running around to different classes. Easy work but definitely tiring.

High School 六和高中

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