Friday, December 13, 2013

Stuck in Taiwan

We were supposed to be heading home today but for some reason Taiwan didn't want us to leave just yet. As we were checking in, the airline told us that Grace wouldn't be able to fly because she didn't apply for a visa for China where we were transferring planes. At first, the employees and manager were being difficult and wouldn't help us find another solution. After hours of frustration, a lady who is a travel agent, came to the counter to drop off some papers for the employees. She heard about our situation and unlike the employees that actually worked there, she offered to help us. She found a way to get Grace's documents by tomorrow night then took us back to Taipei on the bus. We are definitely lucky she stopped to help us. For the next 2 or 3 nights we will be staying at Grace's house.

On the plus side, I checked our email after we got back from the airport and we got an email from Red Bull! They want to meet with us tomorrow at 5pm to possibly discuss future video projects for next year.
At the airport, I randomly ran into one of my friends on Instagram (a phone app)
that was getting on the same plane.We've never met before, but she recognized me from my pictures. Such a small world.

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