Friday, January 24, 2014

Taiwan Red Bull Skateboarding Project

A little over a week ago, Todd and I were able to head back to Taiwan. Red Bull found us to help film and edit a video for them. They brought over a pro skateboarder (Maxim Habanec) from the Czech Republic and took him around Taiwan for 5 days. We went around Taipei, Keelung, Kaohsiung and Yilan. Our days usually start at about 8am and we filmed until 9 or 10pm. This week Todd and I have been in the office everyday from abut 10am-10pm trying to get these 3 videos edited before the deadline. It has been a really busy week but it has been a great experience.


Our hotel room in Kaohsiung
Our boss is awesome and took us to get foot massages a couple times

Harbor in Kaohsiung

The crew

Our boss Helen (left), Maxim and Jaddie
Filming while driving

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