Friday, March 13, 2015

Amazing Bubble Blowing | NY Daily Times

This week we released a new bubble video. 蘇仲太 holds 2 Guinness World records. He can blow 15 bubbles within each other and his other record is for chaining together 30 bubbles. We found 蘇仲太 through a friend of a friend. He mentioned that he knows a guy that blows bubbles and we were confused because we have never seen this type of performance before. 

This video took us 2 days to film. We filmed at his teams studio and also in the Uncle Bubble factory. 蘇仲太 and his team have performed in places like Malaysia, China, Hong Kong and Macao. They perform and corporate events and parties. 

The day after we released the video we had an interview with the NY Daily Times. Link below.

Here is the main video